Whistles Comes To Ringwood

Whistles Comes To Ringwood

On Friday 25th October the ladies fashion store Whistles will open their doors to our fabulous customers at The Furlong.

A contemporary fashion brand offering stunning clothing that successfully bridges the gap between high street and designer, and has long been the destination brand for aspirational, independent and fashionable women.

We are delighted that they have chosen Ringwood as the next destination for their new store.

Whistles clothing and accessories appeal to busy, dynamic women who crave timeless pieces with an intelligent sense of design. Collections are considered, wearable and yet distinct, with true seven days a week appeal, crafted to fit effortlessly into modern life.

With an increasing presence on the global fashion stage, Whistles have become a destination for fashion editors and industry leaders alike, renowned for their of-the-moment collaborations with independent brands and our emphasis on quality and longevity.

Understated yet cool, throw on but never throwaway – real life fashion is coming to Ringwood and we simply can’t wait!